You want to bring in new clients to your law practice and realize you need leads in order to do that. But since your site does not generate leads you think: “Why don’t I just buy leads” right? Well… as many who tried this before would tell you, this is where the headache starts.

In theory, buying leads make sense, but in reality it can turn into a big waste of time and cost you a lot of money pretty fast.

Are purchased third-party leads worth the cost?

  • It gets expensive pretty fast
    It’s hard to know whether you are getting good  leads and how many will actually convert to clients. Add to that the hours wasted by you or your staff reaching out to bad leads and you got a recipe for frustration. Or as another lawyer put it “It’s a practice killer”.
  • Purchased leads are not exclusive
    Often a single lead gets sold to multiple buyers who will compete for the client. How would you like to be the 8th lawyer to call that lead?
  • You don’t always know how the lead was acquired.
    Why did Meredith submitted her information in the first place? Is she actually looking to hire a lawyer or  was she just getting a freebie from a random website?
  • The people you call have no idea who you are.
    To them, you are a complete stranger, there is no relationship, credibility or reputation built. This makes your job much harder to close that lead.


You could be generating your own leads

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to lose money buying leads? How about not having to waste hours on the phone calling leads that never turn into business? What if instead of chasing you were attracting potential clients?

Generating your own leads through your website is much better than buying them from third-parties for several reasons:

  • You completely control how the lead was generated.
  • The leads knows who you are and trust you already.
  • Your are not sharing with competitors, your leads are exclusive.
  • The quality of your own leads is much better and fresher than any third-party could produce.

Like you, most lawyers and law firms understand that leads generated from your website have much better quality and eliminate a lot of budget waste.

Regardless of your law firm having a personnel is of 1 or 100, using the right strategy,  you can get your website to start generating leads now, so you can transition from a lead buying framework.

Why  doesn’t my website generate leads

Possible reasons:

  • You are not attracting enough visitors or your ideal client.
    One of the best ways to address that is having a business blog and publishing remarkable content. Focus especially on attracting people doing research on problems that you can help them solve.
  • You don’t have a lead generation path in place.
    It’s a good idea to make it extremely simple for your visitors to know what the next step is, whether you want them to sign up to the newsletter, download a resource or schedule a consultation.
  • You don’t  have a great offer.
    People don’t want to be spammed and are reluctant to sign up for anything. You can get past the barriers by creating a high-value resource you can offer your visitors in exchange for their contact info.
  • You are not tracking and nurturing leads.
    Some of your leads, will be in a research phase and might not be ready to act or hire you immediately. They agreed however, to join your list & receive your emails. Having a plan to keep track of them and maintain their interest, will help you get their business when they are ready.

How to improve my lead generation

Become customer-centric

Putting your client in the center of your strategy makes you more helpful, meaningful and attractive to them. It’s always best to focus on what they want to hear more than what you want to say.

Refine your strategy

Your success in generating leads depends of having a good plan. Take into account every step in the path from stranger to visitors, leads, customers and promoters and create the resources and actions necessary to keep the natural flow.

Meet your clients where they are at

Clients will land on your website at different stages of their buying  journey. Being mindful of that and having attractive content for all these stages you will not lose present or future opportunities.

Think of the long term benefits

Unlike many forms of advertisement, a website optimized for lead generation will continue to work long after a campaign is launched or a content is published. A rich blog post, for example, can still attract visitors and leads years after its publication.


Inbound Marketing will help you grow your law practice generating your own exclusive leads acquired from your website and turn them into clients, so you don’t have to waste your time and money with poor quality leads.